Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project announcement : Moetan

To tell the truth, this is not a new project. We planned to do this show 1 years ago. But because of many reasons, it has been stalling until now. The Vietnamese translator for this series is the owner of viet-trend. He graduated the Japanese faculty of the Foreign Languages University in Vietnam. Therefore, his level is much higher than me. But currently, he is very busy with his job. He's a salesperson. That's why you'll expect very slow releasing. Here are the details of our releases :

Source : R2 DVD Rips by BR-RAWS
Video : 720x480 Anamorphic (16:9) 23.976fps
Audio : LC AAC 2.0
Subs : Styled ASS [English+Vietnamese]
Container : MKV

The 1st episode is almost done. Here are some pics. Remember : these pictures are jpeg, so they do not show the true video quality of our release.

Recruiting members for 4L and McDonald

After 2 years of subbing, we have improved a lot, from a novice group who does shitty subbing to a high quality fansub group. But for some reasons, some of our members have retired, including kaishin_shoten and monoyunaki, 2 best song translators of us. Apparently, tama will retire once SRW is finished, so we are currently in need of new members to help us in both fansubbing and manga scanlating.
Here are the details :

- We're lacking of timers for Blood+ Vietnamese version, Lucky Star, School Rumble, Moetan, as well as some future projects. This is a pretty boring job, but it is very important. However, me, the only timer, do not have much time to do this, since I'm also very busy with editing, translating, typesetting, encoding, and karaoke. This job does not require experienced fansubbers, but it requires a lot of time. If you can help us copy the hardsubs and time them properly, it'll help a lot. You can ask me if you don't know how to do this.
- We're in need of several proofreaders for manga projects such as Hayate no Gotoku, Strawberry Panic, and some Hentai doujinshi, since many people complained about my English grammar. You don't need to know Japanese, but you must be very good at English. For Vietnamese versions, we do not need any more, since I don't think there's many Vietnamese who know Japanese like me and Ryu. Low level Vietnamese editors fucked up at Japanese and cause many nasty errors, and we don't wanna have them in our staff.
- We need some manga editors for Hayate no Gotoku, Strawberry Panic and some Hentai doujin. Currently, we have no manga editor, and editors from other groups aren't enough to keep up with the speed.
- We need one or two backup encoders, because my dated laptop doesn't allow me to encode video often. It takes me not less than 15 hours for SD encoding, and maybe over 30 hours for 720p x264 encoding, while I have other tasks to do. If you have a good PC and you're capable of high quality encoding, contact me in case you wanna help.
- We are also searching for Chinese translators for Porfy no Nagai Tabi, as well as one or two song translators (JP->EN or JP->VN, if possible). Like I said, 2 of our song translators have retired, so we need replacements. Currently, Ryu and I have no choice but to do this, since nobody else can, although we're not very good at translating some songs.
- Finally, we need a dedicate raw hunter, who is capable of accessing Share and/or Perfect Dark, since there are some series that we can't find good raw files in Emule, or BitTorrent. Apply if you wanna help.

In return, we'll provide high quality subbing, worth archieving, which can surpass other versions from other groups. You can check our previous releases if you don't believe this. Thanks for reading.