Sunday, August 19, 2012


Man, I hate to say this, but lately I really can't focus on scanlating like I'm supposed to. The main problem is that my parents have been bitching about me not applying for a job even though my graduation exam ended just about a month ago. They even complain about me studying Japanese even though I'm just studying by myself, not going to any Japanese class. I have my graduation ceremony right at the end of this month and have already been chosen to translate a book for a publisher, so why would I take a suicide move by doing something that could harm my future? Oh well, enough ranting. I hope you all can enjoy this old small webcomic while waiting for our next release. Things don't seem to go well until I get enough money and GTFO of their house.

Edit: For anyone who is going to post this on mangaupdates, notice that this comic was drawn by Caramel-Box's SD artist, not the one who did the manga adaptation.