Saturday, November 12, 2011

Project updates

After an unexpected turn of events, we have decided to resume Porfy no Nagai Tabi. This time it will be a joint with Licca Fansubs as announced on their blog. There are a few reasons for this :

1. I'm occupied with translating, fixing typesetting, and doing QCing for our manga projects.
2. Translating 2 versions by myself is really boring.
3. Licca can translate much faster than we do.
4. Most of our fansub staff members don't have much time to spend on fansubbing like before. ManiacDC has his job, and I'm now a senior in university while spending 3 hours a day learning Japanese. Other members have their own IRL stuff to do as well.

Basically, joining hands with another group will give us advantages and motivation to continue with the series. In this case it will be done in a pretty unusual ways, since each group will work at its own pace and release different versions. If you want hardsubs or faster speed, visit Licca's blog. If you need English softsubs or Vietnamese subs, here is the place you'll get them.

This time we will have more members for the project in order to boost the speed. The tasks will be divided as follow :
- Vietnamese translation : tuandatle
- Vietnamese editing & scene timing : me (I updated my Aegisub for this purpose)
- English editing : probably Mignonette, since he's our fastest editor. Anyone who is interested is welcomed for the position.
- Encoding and QCing : ManiacDC
Another series we will be doing is Otoboku 1. As some people may have read wow!scans's blog, Yamada has agreed to transfer the project to us. I have already finished my translations for the remaining chapters a month ago, but editing and typesetting take time. We will not release quickly, but a chapter a month should be okay.
Finally, we have secured the raws for the last chapters of Oto x Maho. We'll try our best to push them out asap. So see you in a while!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ichiro Heian chapter 4 released

Sorry for the wait. We planned on releasing this sooner, but the QCing process took longer than expected, so we had to delay the release. Anyway, this is the most difficult chapter of IchiHei that we've done so far. Classical Japanese is difficult as fuck (thank goodness asm65816 was good at it; he's truly one of the best J-V translators on the Internet), plus the raw for this chapter was annoying as hell. Well, enough with the rant. For now feel free to enjoy the chapter.