Thursday, February 26, 2009

New staff list

The following members have retired (RIP) :

- Aoi_Sora9x
- Natsuyoru
- monoyunaki (aka Toomi)
- kaishin_shoten
- StSatan

Useless :

- Aslan Zara

Current member list (Full 4L staff) :

- Ryuseisen (aka Long-Ho-Vuong - Fansub editor/JP Translator/Vice-leader)
- Yukira (Raw provider + Main distro)
- Tama (EN Translator)
- lyse_phoenix (EN Translator)
- RE_birth (EN Translator)
- Jeanny (JP Translator/Fansub editor)
- kan_saintyuro (EN Translator)
- Sekai (Lyric scan provider)
- vuluc88 (JP Translator)
- Nakiami (aka Zeddy - Manga editor)
- ManiacDC (Fansub Editor/Timer/Encoder/Distro)
- delacroix01 (JP Translator/Fansub editor/Timer/Styler/Typesetter/Karaoker/Encoder/Group leader)

McDonald staff :

- Yukira
- Nakiami
- vuluc88
- delacroix01

SRWFC staff :

- Ryuseisen
- Yukira
- Tama
- lyse_phoenix
- RE_birth
- deleacroix01

Groups who have participated in joint projects :
- [MF] Group
- J4V Fansub
- Enigma!
- UmiKaze
- Hyena Scans
- Foolrulez

We use as many communication methods as possible to make our work become more convienient. You can contact us at several forums, on our IRC channel, by mail or by using Yahoo! Messenger.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oto x Maho chapter 1

Summary (from onemanga)
"One day an ordinary junior high schooler Shirahime Kanata was ordered forcibly by his mother Konata to do a contract that made him able to transform into a "magic girl". Moreover, if he dare to cancel the contract his gender would change, or in other words he'll change into a girl. While he also have to fight enemies as a magic girl with the same reason, if he don't do the magic girl's duty he'll also changed into a girl.
Now that he obtained the power to tranform into a magic girl, together with his supervisor, a cat named Moel, he fight against enemies "Noise". Though he have to wear spats while transforming into magic girl to hide his true self as a boy..."

This is our new project, and it's a joint with Hyena-scans. We are in need of editors and proofers. Please visit our IRC channel and join us if you can help.

Chapter 1 (Megaupload)
Chapter 1 (Torrent)