Monday, July 16, 2012

Otoboku chapter 21 (End)

And then, after 4 years since McDonald was founded as part of 4L, we can finally experience the taste of finishing a manga series, something we have never done before. This is probably nothing big to other groups, but to us, it proves that our efforts have finally born fruit. After 4 years, we have evolved from a newbie scanlation group that released crappy translations for Hayate no Gotoku to a full-fledge scanlation group that can afford scanlations in decent quality and with decent translations (although we're slow as fuck). I thank all of you who haved contributed to the scanlation of this series (especially akinator, Macurai, Avery, and Terrabyte), as well as readers who have been following us.

With the completion of Otoboku manga, I'd like to announce the continuation of Otoboku 2 project which many of you have been waiting. This time we'll be using real raw provided by NJMANGA, not any crappy Chinese scan like before, hence the quality will definitely be much better. However, it will take time because the raw need to be processed carefully. So far I'm having akinator clean chapter 5, but there are still plenty to work on. Therefore, if you happen to be an experiened cleaner, you're welcome to join us any time by visiting our channel (talk to me or akinator if you want to join). If you need to take a look, click here for a sample cleaned page (there are still rooms to improve, though). We'll try our best to bring Otoboku 2 to you at maximum quality that we can achieve. For now enjoy the final chapter of Otoboku. Full batch will be posted when Tokyotosho is back.


Edit: Updated complete batch & fixed some filenaming issues in WOW!Scans' releases for readers' convenience.