Monday, December 20, 2010

Daizenra & Samure

Well, this is another one that I've always wanted to sub. Too bad I lost the full quality raw not long after I downloaded it, so right now we can only offer you a low quality version (source from youtube). If any of you happen to have the original MPEG-2 (I think it's about 100MB), please upload it to Tokyotosho and we'll gladly do a HQ version. Now enjoy the release and feel free to laugh to your heart's content. It's been a while since I got Ryu to work. He's definitely a must-have when subbing this kind of release.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jinki Extend Re:Vision OP+ED

Actually, I should've posted this 2 weeks ago. But I couldn't do it because I was so busy with making presentations and acting as a director and screenplay writer for my class. Being a junior in university is quite tough, as there's a $@#!load of unwanted work to do. Anyway, the odd jobs are now over, so I'm back to scanlating and fansubbing. We are currently recruiting again for all positions, so if you are interested, feel free to come and help us.

As for the raw rips I've done this time, it's the first time I've seen near-HD resolution in a GIGA game. The quality of the opening is pretty nice, but the ending disappointed me with banding. Adding grains seems to be of no use while doubling the filesize, so I can just leave them be. If you want to blame, blame GIGA for overcompressing it.