Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yamikin Ushijima-kun chapter 3

Hm, kinda disappointed that I didn't get to post it in the morning. Anyway, there are 2 reasons for the change in the joint group. First, fleshcut, who has been working with me for a while, really wants to scanlate this manga as he is into seinen with dark themes. Second, fiva55, the leader of Hyena-Scans, has been very busy and could only work on one series (Hajimete no Aku), plus Hyena's staff nowadays isn't as big as it was in the past, so he agreed to transfer this project to Endless Abyss, which has a lot more of manpower. Well, this time it's not like what happened when we were scanlating Hayate, so don't worry. We will still work with Hyena on OxM as well as some future projects.

There one more thing I'd like to say before going back to work. This manga, with its disturbing and realistic themes, as well as its difficulty level, puts a lot of strain on any translator who attempts to translate it. For that reason, I cannot translate it continuously as I do with other series, so you'll expect slow release. Still, my Japanese has improved a lot since the last chapter (1100 kanji stored in my brain vs 100 kanji stored and a crapload use of radical lookup), plus chapter 4 isn't as difficult as chapter 3, so I can make it faster than I did before. For now, please enjoy the release after a long time of waiting.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mazinkaiser SKL 01

Đây là quà mừng năm mới của nhóm. Do dịch hơi vội nên bản dịch có vài chỗ còn chưa trau chuốt lắm mặc dù về nghĩa thì ko sai, tuy nhiên về cơ bản thì hoàn toàn đủ để xem. v2 thì chừng nào Ryu, editor chính của nhóm hết bận thi cử sẽ làm. Còn bây giờ xin mời các bạn download. Chú ý là đợt này nhóm chỉ cung cấp sub, còn video thì các bạn down của nhóm sub tiếng Anh duy nhất trên tokyotosho là được.