Saturday, November 12, 2011

Project updates

After an unexpected turn of events, we have decided to resume Porfy no Nagai Tabi. This time it will be a joint with Licca Fansubs as announced on their blog. There are a few reasons for this :

1. I'm occupied with translating, fixing typesetting, and doing QCing for our manga projects.
2. Translating 2 versions by myself is really boring.
3. Licca can translate much faster than we do.
4. Most of our fansub staff members don't have much time to spend on fansubbing like before. ManiacDC has his job, and I'm now a senior in university while spending 3 hours a day learning Japanese. Other members have their own IRL stuff to do as well.

Basically, joining hands with another group will give us advantages and motivation to continue with the series. In this case it will be done in a pretty unusual ways, since each group will work at its own pace and release different versions. If you want hardsubs or faster speed, visit Licca's blog. If you need English softsubs or Vietnamese subs, here is the place you'll get them.

This time we will have more members for the project in order to boost the speed. The tasks will be divided as follow :
- Vietnamese translation : tuandatle
- Vietnamese editing & scene timing : me (I updated my Aegisub for this purpose)
- English editing : probably Mignonette, since he's our fastest editor. Anyone who is interested is welcomed for the position.
- Encoding and QCing : ManiacDC
Another series we will be doing is Otoboku 1. As some people may have read wow!scans's blog, Yamada has agreed to transfer the project to us. I have already finished my translations for the remaining chapters a month ago, but editing and typesetting take time. We will not release quickly, but a chapter a month should be okay.
Finally, we have secured the raws for the last chapters of Oto x Maho. We'll try our best to push them out asap. So see you in a while!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ichiro Heian chapter 4 released

Sorry for the wait. We planned on releasing this sooner, but the QCing process took longer than expected, so we had to delay the release. Anyway, this is the most difficult chapter of IchiHei that we've done so far. Classical Japanese is difficult as fuck (thank goodness asm65816 was good at it; he's truly one of the best J-V translators on the Internet), plus the raw for this chapter was annoying as hell. Well, enough with the rant. For now feel free to enjoy the chapter.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Ichiro Heian chapter 3

Well, it kinda surprised me this afternoon when I saw the latest comment on IchiHei chapter 2. We know many of you can't wait for the next chapter, but please keep it in mind that we are not speedscan. We are slow not because we don't have raws. We have only a few people, and we also have real life stuff to do, like work or studying.

I'm pretty sure that many of you are reading weekly manga, and there are groups that release very quickly, but we are not them. We have been doing scanlation at a very slow pace for years, and we are not going to change that policy. Whenever something is fully done, we put it on this website, and that's it. We don't rush because we don't feel the need to do that. You may be impatient to wait, but 2 weeks aren't long if you see how long it takes us to scanlate Oto x Maho (that's the only series we are waiting for raws btw).

One more thing is that this manga isn't easy to translate at all. Right now I still haven't finished my translation on chapter 4 simply because some parts of it are as difficult as hell. Remember that Kobayashi Jin is not to be underestimated. The language he uses in his manga can fuck up translators who are still far from reaching fluency in Japanese like me, thus making them spend a lot of time to deliver a proper translation. I think I may have to spend one or two more weeks to finish the script, since I'm currently spending like 5 hours a day just to study kanji. For that reason, you may expect chapter 4 coming in 1 month or even longer. For now just enjoy chapter 3 while waiting. See ya!


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Suzushiro Nagisa no Shuchou 3 - fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase

I found a short fan-made video on youtube, and apparently it was from nicovideo. Since it was quite easy, we decided to sub it as a way to relax once in a while. If you have played fortissimo EXA before, I think you should like it.


Editor : Mignonette
Everything else : me


Ichiro Heian chapter 2

This one should have been completed several days ago, but we slacked off since our domain was expired and I needed to wait until the domain owner paid the bill for the next year (he did it yesterday). Anyway, it's complete now, so here's chapter 2 of Ichihei.

That aside, I would have been in trouble with the word puutarou if I hadn't read the book "Dirty Japanese" written by Matt Fargo. That was quite an awesome book among those I have read so far. Kudos to the writer.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ichiro Heian chapter 1

Hello again and welcome to our brand new project! This is the fruit of many hours of working, moments of frustration and even humiliation, and we hope you'll enjoy it. To be honest, we were able to push this out today mainly thanks to our newly joined members, especially akinator, who agreed to do most of the typesetting. Without him, this project would have been delayed at least 1 month, and it may be taken over by another group by that time. Also, it was a correct choice to have 2 proofreaders for this project. Both Mignonette and Macurai have done a great job in finding out errors that I couldn't notice. Cheers!

FYI, this manga is shounen, but translating it isn't easy at all. It features Chinese text, some incomprehensible slangs and place names which can easily be mistaken for words if you don't live in Japan (and yeah, I have never been there). In order to finish my script for 3 chapters, I had to :
- Sign up on twitter (heck, I almost never use it)
- Ask for help from mymy0201 on VNS (yeah, his Chinese to Vietnamese translation was very helpful for my English translation for this manga)
- Spam over 60 vocabulary and grammar questions at a Japanese guy to the point that I pissed him off

Well, that's enough for now. Here's chapter 1 for you :

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide Opening

Well, not much to say this time. We're ripping this since we're bored, and yesterday was the release date of this promising game. The encoding setting is the same as that of our previous rip. Enjoy.


P/S : We are still looking for typesetters, so visit our channel and join us if you want to help. Our next manga release will probably come in two weeks.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kimi to Boku to Eden no Ringo Opening

I had some free time, so I and PhD ripped this opening from the game. I'm pretty sure that this is the first trap game in actual HD res. It is somewhat like Hanaoto, and is fun to read. If you like traps, I recommend you play this. Notice that you need a real HD monitor if you want to use dictionary. If you are using a non-HD monitor, you can still read it, but dictionaries or Atlas are out of the question. Well, at least you can still save data with mouse, unlike what happens with fortissimo EXA.


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oto x Maho chapter 17

Well, not much to say for this release. We have been desperately trying to recruit members during these past months, but it seems none of the readers bother joining us. ThrynnMaster is now marked as MIA since it's been more than 3 weeks without any trace of him, and PhD still hasn't recovered from his lack of motivation. Anyway, we had ninjaaoanh and Shadow2810 come back recently, so technically we can hold on a little longer, but I can't be sure of anything since they only have a limited amount of vacation time. Maybe it's about time we bring our fansub division back, or I'll just resume Baldr Sky TL project *sigh*.

That aside, here's OxM 17 for you. Because there are still no more raw after chapter 18, we have no need to rush anything. We'll get 18 out when it's done, probably a month later. See ya.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Otoboku 2 Chapter 5 (Camera version) + Special

As promised in the previous releases, here are chapter 5 & SP1, which conclude the first volume of Otoboku 2. The special chapter is mainly edited by ThrynnMaster, our new editor. Also, starting from chapter 5, we'll use stick with the raw+script format until scanned raws are out. You will have to extract the text file in the archive before you can read it along with the pictures. This, of course, is much more inconvenient compared to reading scanlations, but it also means we can release at a much faster pace because no cleaning or typesetting is required. Volume 2 will be on sale on June 25, and I will probably have it at home in July if the shipping goes smoothly enough. During that time, we will work on OxM and a new project, for which we currently have no typesetter. If you are interested in helping us, leave your email address here or visit #mcdonald on irchighway. Here are the members that you may want talk to if you want to join :
- PhD (main editor)
- Macurai (proofreader)
- YukiN (translator in reserve)
- ThrynnMaster (editor) (Heck, where has he been for nearly 2 weeks?!)
- delacroix01 (me)

One more thing, OxM 17 is being QCed. We'll probably be able to release it next week.

Chapter 5
Special chapter

Chapter 5
Special chapter

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Otoboku 2 Chapter 4 released [repost due to Blogspot's error]

A few days ago, an anon asked us about when the next chapter of Otoboku 2 would be released, and here's the answer. To tell you the truth, we finished this a few days ago, but I decided to save it for a little while, because today is my 24th birthday anniversary. Anyway, enjoy the release now while waiting for the next chapters. We will finish the first volume in this month so that we can move on to our next project. Also, we are really in need of typesetters, so if you can do the job, join us so that we can release faster.


Edit : Volume 2 (JP) will be on sale on June 25, and there will be no raw starting chapter 5, so there will be no scans for this series from that chapter. Instead, we'll provide camera shots with script translations.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Oto x Maho chapter 16 released. Ushijima-kun dropped.

Sorry for the long delay. Our staff, especially BakaGrappler, who is in charge of typesetting, has been busy with IRL stuff, so we couldn't make it any faster. Anyway, we'll try our best to catch up with the raw asap. There aren't many chapters left, plus nobody has been uploading raw scans beyond chapter 18, so we don't really need to rush.

Also, we have dropped Yamikin Ushijima-kun because GWR has taken over the project. We have no intention of engaging in pointless competitions and scanlation drama, so we will let them do whatever they want with the series, even though we don't like their translation at all. It's disappointing but we won't be working on that series anymore.

That aside, I believe we will finish Otoboku 2 volume 1 within 1 month, which means we will need something else to work on. Right now I already have a few series in mind, but to be honest, we don't have enough members to release quickly like other groups do, so we are recruiting more. If you have the skills and are willing to help us, please apply here or in our channel. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Help Japan!

As a fan of the Japanese pop culture, I'm pretty sure that you know how important Japan is to us. The events in the past few days are more than enough to prove that. Therefore, you should help the country when you can. Any help will be necessary for them, and there is more than one way to help even though we are not staying in Japan. You can either donate to the Red Cross to help the people who lost their homes, or you can import stuff from Japan as a way to help their economy. As for me, I don't have much money, but I will place orders for some books from Japan as soon as I receive my scholarship. Best wishes!

Otoboku 2 Chapter 3

Before you start opening the rar file, there are 2 pages we would like you to read. These two pages are NOT included in the "raw" that we use for editing, hence only camera shots from the book I bought are available for now. Also, the picture size is smaller in this chapter, and there's nothing we can do about it. Feel free to curse the Chinese group who did it.

Note : The pictures are downsized to fit the screen. Copy the link of a picture and paste it on another tab if you want to see it in full size.

第3話 本当の顔
Chapter 3 : The true face

Panel 1 :


Is your body really all right? Can you go to school?

Panel 2+3 :


......Un, since I slept well yesterday.

I'm glad to hear that.

Don't push yourself too hard, okay?

Panel 4 :


Panel 5 :

If you happen to see a tankoubon raw somewhere, please send us the link and we will release a HQ remake. This release is only MQ, so I didn't want to spend a lot of time deleting all specs like Macurai suggested.

For OxM 16 and Ushijima 04, it's going to take a while for them to be out because I'm also translating Baldr Sky into Vietnamese. Please be patient for a while.

(to new recruits) Please standby in the channel for a while. I will have something for you to work on when my problems are solved.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Otoboku 2 Chapter 2 - Commemorative release

To me, this release is special, since it marks 4 years since our debut release under the name SRWFC. I still remember the hard time when I and Ryu formed this group. Many things have happened, and we changed from a fansub group which translates anime from English into Vietnamese into a multi-purpose fan translation group with decent quality, a group of weirdos that is unlike any fansub or scanlation group out there in terms of policy. Well, of course we haven't released much compared to them, but we survived and still enjoy creating fan translations. During 4 years, there were about 30 people who participated in our projects, and most of them are now nowhere to be seen. Only a few remained, including me. In spite of that, we are not going to give up, at least in the next 5 years, as doing scanlation and fansubbing has become a hobby of us. To me, it feels more fun to watch and read a few while doing this than just sit and watch a lot of anime, read a lot of manga and novels, or play many games like many friends of mine do.

Now to the main dish, well, it really took us a lot of effort to get this chapter out because it's a pain in the ass to use Chinese scans as raw. The magazine version has a lot of text that doesn't exist in the tankoubon, and there's no way we can afford to leave a trace of Chinese text on our release, so our editor has to take a lot of time to redraw parts that sometimes look nearly impossible to do. Moreover, the Chinese group seems to have stalled after releasing 5 chapters, while the first volume has 6. Hence, after this, we will only provide English scanlation for chapter 3, 4 and Special. From chapter 5 onward, I will post my translations and camera shots of my books on my blog until we can get more raw. I'll let you know whenever I post them.

One more thing, as I stated in the first page of the release, we ARE really in need of editors and typesetters. At the very least, we must have 1 editor for OxM, since that position is empty right now. If you are confident enough to work on this series, please leave your email address here and I'll contact you later. For now enjoy reading chapter 2 of Otoboku 2.

P/S : Chihaya's deceased elder sister's name is Chitose, if you need to know. Also, OxM 16 is being QCed. We'll try to release it within 2 weeks if nothing bad happens.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Yamikin Ushijima-kun chapter 3

Hm, kinda disappointed that I didn't get to post it in the morning. Anyway, there are 2 reasons for the change in the joint group. First, fleshcut, who has been working with me for a while, really wants to scanlate this manga as he is into seinen with dark themes. Second, fiva55, the leader of Hyena-Scans, has been very busy and could only work on one series (Hajimete no Aku), plus Hyena's staff nowadays isn't as big as it was in the past, so he agreed to transfer this project to Endless Abyss, which has a lot more of manpower. Well, this time it's not like what happened when we were scanlating Hayate, so don't worry. We will still work with Hyena on OxM as well as some future projects.

There one more thing I'd like to say before going back to work. This manga, with its disturbing and realistic themes, as well as its difficulty level, puts a lot of strain on any translator who attempts to translate it. For that reason, I cannot translate it continuously as I do with other series, so you'll expect slow release. Still, my Japanese has improved a lot since the last chapter (1100 kanji stored in my brain vs 100 kanji stored and a crapload use of radical lookup), plus chapter 4 isn't as difficult as chapter 3, so I can make it faster than I did before. For now, please enjoy the release after a long time of waiting.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mazinkaiser SKL 01

Đây là quà mừng năm mới của nhóm. Do dịch hơi vội nên bản dịch có vài chỗ còn chưa trau chuốt lắm mặc dù về nghĩa thì ko sai, tuy nhiên về cơ bản thì hoàn toàn đủ để xem. v2 thì chừng nào Ryu, editor chính của nhóm hết bận thi cử sẽ làm. Còn bây giờ xin mời các bạn download. Chú ý là đợt này nhóm chỉ cung cấp sub, còn video thì các bạn down của nhóm sub tiếng Anh duy nhất trên tokyotosho là được.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Otoboku 2 Chapter 1

Well yeah. After a really long time planning on scanlating this, we can finally get this one out. The actual amount of time spending on this chapter was just about 2 weeks, though. For the time being, this is all we can offer you guys. The quality obviously isn't good, but the raw we are using for editing is horrible (Chinese scans taken from a certain site), so deal with it. The scripts, however, are from the tankoubon I bought, like I posted a while ago. FYI, the book cost about 600 yen, as much as one and half a month of my saving, or is 10 times more expensive than a manga volume published in Vietnam. I have no scanner, and I don't want to ruin this treasure either, so if you want this series in HQ, bring us good raws and we will gladly do it. For now enjoy the first chapter of Otoboku 2, and if you are interested in helping us, just post your offer here.

PS : I now am the typesetter for this project, which means it will go faster than OxM because I work relatively faster than BakaGrappler.


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baldr Sky Dive 1 Chapter 1 Scene 2 (Rain's route)

*Chưa có BGM lúc này*

[......hử?!] [Kou]

*Tiếng súng nổ liên hồi*

Vừa mở mắt, thứ đầu tiên tôi nhìn thấy là bộ móng thép lù lù ngay trước mắt.

[Cái gì... vậy trời......?!] [Kou]

BGM : Dead Cliff

Trong lúc tôi còn đang sửng sốt thì những chiếc chân máy nọ đã bổ thẳng tới――


Rụt lại theo phản xạ, những chiếc vuốt khua vào nhau dữ dội trước mắt tôi, tạo thành những âm thanh liên hồi.

[Áá...!! Cái quái gì vậy?! Sao tự dưng lại...?!] [Kou]

*Loạch xoạch*

Trong tư thế ngã ngửa người, tôi lê hông về phía sau. Từ lòng bàn tay đến mông tôi cứ thế kéo soàn soạt trên nền ngói cứng.

Ngã ngửa người...... với ngói sàn á?! Đáng ra mình còn đang say giấc trên giường cơ mà?!

Trong cơn hoảng hốt, tôi đảo mắt xuống nền và thấy nửa thân dưới được bọc trong một lớp giáp sắt.

[......có lẽ nào... là đùa chăng?] [Kou]

Chắc chắn tôi đang mơ. Dù trông chúng thực tới mức không thể nghĩ là mơ, nhưng không đời nào lại có cái thực tại kiểu này được.

[Liệu có phải... mình còn đang mơ không nhỉ……?] [Kou]

Tuy nhiên, đúng lúc tôi vừa ngước bộ mặt còn đang lẩm nhẩm lên, những chiếc vuốt máy kia lại bổ nhào tới.


[Gư...?!] [Kou]

*Tiếng động cơ máy*

Trước mắt tôi, những chiếc răng máy nghiến lại với nhau. Cỗ máy ấy――cái thứ trông như con sâu hay con nhện ấy lại một lần nữa vừa nghiến kèn kẹt, vừa tìm cách đánh vật với tấm thân tôi.

[Mẹ kiếp! Thả tao ra!!] [Kou]

Trong giây lát, tôi đẩy mạnh hai tay ra.


[Cái gì?!] [Kou]

Cả đôi tay của tôi cũng được bọc giáp từ lúc nào không hay.

Không. Đây không phải giáp trụ. Không phải là tôi đang mang chúng trên mình, mà là từ lớp da bằng kim loại đó có một cảm giác lờ mờ truyền qua.

[Hình như... đây là...... tay mình mà......] [Kou]

Cứ như thể hệ thần kinh của tôi đang thông suốt trong một cơ thể làm toàn bằng sắt vậy. Bất giác định nuốt một hơi, tôi chợt nhận ra mình không có miệng.


[Ư...!!] [Kou]

Sửng sốt vì toàn thân tôi đã hóa thép, tôi lại hất tay ra dù đang rất bấn loạn. Nhờ đó mà tôi kịp thời chặn được một đòn của đối phương.

*Tiếng động cơ to hơn, nhiều tạp âm hơn*

Tuy nhiên cỗ máy kia lại càng đè mạnh hơn về phía tôi――! Đôi hàm đó mỗi lúc một áp sát hơn――!

[ÁÁÁÁÁÁ!!] [Kou]

Không được!! Không chặn nổi nữa rồi!!

[Trung úy!!] [???]


*Dừng BGM*

[Cái gì...... vậy trời?!] [Kou]

*Kịch, kịch, xoẹt, bùm*

Luồng thiểm quang lóe lên kèm theo tiếng nổ đinh tai; con nhện máy nọ bị thọc xuyên người và nổ tung thành từng mảnh.

Kế đến, một phần tầm nhìn của tôi bị khoét thành hình tứ giác, và trên đó hiện lên hình một phụ nữ.

[Trung úy vẫn ổn chứ ạ......?] [???]

Vừa rồi chắc là người này điểu khiển cái khối hình người bằng thép kia...... Người này tóc vàng mắt xanh, còn tuổi thì có lẽ hơn tôi một chút. Cô ta có một gương mặt mà hình như tôi thấy ở đâu rồi thì phải......

*Chú ý : Đoạn tiếp theo chỉ xuất hiện sau khi đã clear route của Nanoha*

1. Rain... -> Sang route của Chinatsu
2. vậy nhỉ? -> Tiếp tục route của Rain

……Chịu. Kiểu gì tôi cũng không ngẫm ra tên cô ta được.

(còn tiếp)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Otoboku 2 Webcomic

Hmm, this one is very short, but it gave each of us a major headache for requiring heavy precision. Ph.D really outdid himself in redrawing the pages, and Macurai did a great job in rephrasing some very long lines I translated. Anyway, here's today's release. We hope you enjoy it before we bring you a big one.


Baldr Sky Dive 1 Re-translated - Chapter 1 - Scene 1

Tình hình là dạo này chán cơm thèm phở, cộng thêm proofreader bên bộ phận scanlation bị bận nên tớ quay lại dịch BS. Hiện tại trình tiếng Nhật của tớ đã cao hơn nhiều so với lần dịch trước, tăng cả về ngữ pháp + Kanji (hiện tại là 975, còn hồi đó là khoảng chưa đến 100) nên tớ edit lại bản dịch cũ cho chính xác hơn. Chú ý là cái này tớ chỉ dịch ra tiếng Việt, ko có đủ niềm tin mà dịch ra tiếng Anh vì nó quá dài (nội phần script Dive 1 sau khi extract đã là 18.2M). Còn thời gian complete thì ko xác định được vì làm việc tùy hứng. Tạm thời hôm nay post scene đầu tiên đã.

Chương 1 : Thức tỉnh

BGM : Hidamari no Koheya

Vừa mở mắt, tôi đã thấy mình đang nổi bồng bềnh giữa biển trắng. Cùng với đó là cảm giác mềm mại của tấm ga giường.

Ánh nắng chiếu rọi trên tấm vải trắng làm đôi mắt đang hé mở của tôi phải nhắm lại vì chói lóa.

Có lẽ vẫn như mọi khi, một ngày bình yên lại bắt đầu, và có lẽ hôm nay cũng là một ngày đẹp trời.

Ánh sáng rọi qua ô cửa sổ vẫn chói chang dù mí mắt tôi có nhắm lại đi chăng nữa.

Tuy nhiên vẫn còn quá sớm để bò ra khỏi giường.

Đó là vì tiếng gọi quen thuộc ấy vẫn chưa đến tai tôi.

[Kou... Dậy đi!] [Giọng nữ]

Hay thật. Vừa nghĩ đến là ngay lập tức đã nghe tiếng "nàng" gọi.

[Nào, dậy thôi! Dậy mau kẻo trễ giờ đấy!] [Giọng nữ]

Đúng vậy. Giờ này mà còn không mau thức dậy thì muộn giờ vào lớp mất.

Phải giải quyết bữa sáng cho nhanh vì hôm nay tôi cũng phải đến trường.

Chỉ cần chờ cho buổi học buồn chán trôi qua, từ giữa trưa trở đi sẽ là lúc tôi vui vầy cùng đám bạn.

Biết rõ điều đó, tôi lại tiếp tục lười nhác, vờ như không nghe thấy.

Dù gì thì chỉ cần đợi thêm chút nữa là bàn tay của "nàng" sẽ nhẹ nhàng lay tôi dậy thôi mà...

[Thiệt tình... Đúng là hết biết...] [Giọng nữ]

Kia rồi. Có vẻ như "nàng" đang cúi xuống đặng còn lay tôi dậy.

Đối với tôi, "nàng" là một cô gái khá đặc biệt.

Ngay từ lần gặp gỡ đầu tiên kể từ khi cha sinh mẹ đẻ, tôi đã linh cảm rằng nàng sẽ trở nên thân thiết.

Cứ nghĩ đến "nàng" là ngực tôi lại nhói đau.

Giáp mặt nhau hằng ngày ở khu ký túc, cùng nhau đến trường, tuy nhiên lòng vẫn muốn có thêm thời gian bên nhau nhiều hơn nữa...


Vậy mà... tại sao vậy nhỉ?

Chẳng hiểu sao tôi không tài nào nhớ được tên "nàng"...

[...Kou.] [Giọng nữ]

[...Kou-san.] [Giọng nữ thứ 2]

[...Kou... Ko~o... Koo.] [Giọng nữ]

[...Kou-san... Kou-san... Kou-san.] [Giọng nữ thứ 2]


[Tỉnh lại mau, Trung úy Kou!] [???]

(còn tiếp)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oto x Maho chapter 15

This one should've been released sooner, but proofreading took longer than expected, so I had to delay it by a day. It's a short chapter for fanservice, but it's still good enough to read. Just tell me if you have a problem with the file. I'm going back to play Stepmania's challenge mode for now.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Recruiting spot

Manga scanlation
- Cleaners: able to clean magazine or tankoubon raws without doing much damage to details (Always in need)
- Redrawers: capable of redrawing without leaving odd marks on the pages; can finish a 30-page chapter within 2 weeks (Always in need)
- Typesetters: know how to choose fonts; able to type a 24-page chapter a week (Need 2)
- Proofreaders: native English speaker + grammar nazi (Currently not recruiting)

- Timer: capable of scene-timing (Need 1)
- English editor: similar to manga proofreaders (Currently not recruiting)

Other positions like typesetters, encoders and TLCers are also welcomed. There's no specific requirement. Just apply here if you know exactly how to do those jobs.

You can also leave your email here and I'll contact you later, or you can sit in our IRC channel. Offers for joint projects are also welcomed. Thanks for reading.

Edit: For those applying for manga typesetter and editor positions, please have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computers, or at least use the portable version (pirate or whatnot, we don't care). Other software just don't work as efficient as it does and have compatibility issues for teamwork in the scanlation scene.

Oto x Maho chapter 14

Sorry for taking so long for a single chapter. It's only until recently that all of us have taken care of our IRL stuff. Anyway, we're going to try our best to catch up with the raw within a few months. For now enjoy the release while waiting for 15.