Sunday, June 24, 2012

Otoboku chapter 20 released

First of all, I'd like to say sorry for those who are waiting for the manga I mentioned in my last post of Otoboku. Although I did say that we'd release a chapter from another series in this month, we're going to delay it to next month because we want to finish Otoboku as quickly as possible. For now enjoy your drama chapter while waiting for the finale. We'll get other projects roll after we finish working on this series.


Friday, June 1, 2012

SRWOG DW LQ batches (reseed)

Because our old torrents on anirena and direct links on Megaupload are all gone for good, plus a number of people have been requesting, I decided to reseed SRWOG DW in small batches, starting from the first five episodes. Later episodes will be reseeded after this one is done, and their torrents will be updated in this post. Since we made 2 versions for a few episode (Atlus naming versus old fan naming), I would like to hear your opinions about which version you prefer me to seed for later episodes. The more people comment, the better for me to decide which one I should seed. For HQ ver, well, I think I'll remake it when I get 24/24 Internet access, as both my English and my Japanese have improved a lot compared to when I finished the LQ version. That's enough for now. See you later.

Complete batch

Edit: Added the full batch. Seeding will be very slow and I will only go online 12/24, so be patient.
Edit 2: Finished seeding.
Edit 3: If you need reseed, specify the episodes you need and I'll reseed them eventually. My HDD and bandwidth are limited, so I can't just seed the whole batch all the time.

Otoboku chapter 19 released

Sorry for the late release. During the last month, not only that I was busy reviewing for the graduation exam, but I also got hooked on FE4 until a few days ago, when I finally finished the game. Honestly, nothing kills time and energy better than games do. Moreover, it was funny how Avery's email for proofreading didn't reach my mail box while I was playing, and he had to resend it to me. Anyway, here's your long-awaited chapter. We'll try to finish the rest within June and July. After that, we'll resume some of our stalled projects.

One more thing, one of the three series you've been expecting is going to get a new release from us within this month, so throw your dice and guess which series it is xD