Monday, May 30, 2011

Otoboku 2 Chapter 5 (Camera version) + Special

As promised in the previous releases, here are chapter 5 & SP1, which conclude the first volume of Otoboku 2. The special chapter is mainly edited by ThrynnMaster, our new editor. Also, starting from chapter 5, we'll use stick with the raw+script format until scanned raws are out. You will have to extract the text file in the archive before you can read it along with the pictures. This, of course, is much more inconvenient compared to reading scanlations, but it also means we can release at a much faster pace because no cleaning or typesetting is required. Volume 2 will be on sale on June 25, and I will probably have it at home in July if the shipping goes smoothly enough. During that time, we will work on OxM and a new project, for which we currently have no typesetter. If you are interested in helping us, leave your email address here or visit #mcdonald on irchighway. Here are the members that you may want talk to if you want to join :
- PhD (main editor)
- Macurai (proofreader)
- YukiN (translator in reserve)
- ThrynnMaster (editor) (Heck, where has he been for nearly 2 weeks?!)
- delacroix01 (me)

One more thing, OxM 17 is being QCed. We'll probably be able to release it next week.

Chapter 5
Special chapter

Chapter 5
Special chapter

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Otoboku 2 Chapter 4 released [repost due to Blogspot's error]

A few days ago, an anon asked us about when the next chapter of Otoboku 2 would be released, and here's the answer. To tell you the truth, we finished this a few days ago, but I decided to save it for a little while, because today is my 24th birthday anniversary. Anyway, enjoy the release now while waiting for the next chapters. We will finish the first volume in this month so that we can move on to our next project. Also, we are really in need of typesetters, so if you can do the job, join us so that we can release faster.


Edit : Volume 2 (JP) will be on sale on June 25, and there will be no raw starting chapter 5, so there will be no scans for this series from that chapter. Instead, we'll provide camera shots with script translations.