Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jashin-chan Dropkick chapter 1

If you have read my personal blog, I assume you have already seen this coming. Anyway, there's a few reasons why we are doing this manga, despite the fact that another group has been working on it:

1. This manga is very short for being released monthly (only 8-10 pages a chapter), so it is very suitable for our new typesetter, Terrabyte, to practice his skills, unlike Otoboku 2 or IchiHei, which require a lot more experience and effort to typeset.
2. I have translated 5 chapters, and it's a waste to leave my scripts unused.
3. I don't like the other group's translations. No offense, but I just don't like them.
4. This year is the year of snake.
5. Yurine is alpha as fuck.

In general, this will be merely a side project since we don't expect many people to follow this. The priority will still go to Otoboku 2 and IchiHei, in which we are putting our effort. Here are links to the chapter:


As for anyone who has been wondering why it is taking us so long with Otoboku 2, well, the answer is that the raw is extremely difficult to clean despite being provided by a private raw scanner (same raw provider as Idol Pretender). His raw is definitely high quality and very detailed. The problem is the author's art, because it is very fragile against filters. So far only akinator has been struggling with it (he even had to redo it once). Another two cleaners I asked gave up immediately after 5 minutes. I even had to ask an experienced cleaner for help, but even he couldn't come up with ideas for better and faster cleaning with this kind of raw. Moreover, the first page is the only success so far. If you are interested in helping, you may give this pic a try. Basically we are aiming to turn it into 1600px, retaining as many details as possible while removing ugly patterns on clothes, hair, ceiling, wall, etc. Right now this is the best result we can get, but it's still nowhere near enough. If you can come up with a way to do that, please visit our IRC channel and talk to akinator. It will be even better if you can join us as a cleaner or redrawer, though, since we need more people with those skills.

For IchiHei, well, since it had already ended in Japan a long time ago, we will try to finish it as long as we get more cleaners. Out of our two cleaners, one is already busy with Otoboku 2, and one is too lazy to even touch a manga page, let alone editing the whole chapter. If you are interested and know cleaning, you're welcome to join at any time.

Oto x Maho 18

As promised in my recent comments, here we bring you the most wanted release: chapter 18 of Oto x Maho. And since it's now the biggest holiday in my country, please allow me to write a long post.

First discounting retards who have absolutely no fucking idea where there shit comes from, we find it interesting (and amazing) to see how there are people who like the series we've been scanlating more than we do, and even waited for us slowpokes faithfully. We especially give kudos to /a/ for being patient, because it has been nearly 2 years since our last OxM release. Thank you for giving me a good laugh. Your threads are exactly what inspired me to stop wasting time lurking eroge forums and start scanlating again, and now I feel great that I have abandoned my worst habit in recent years.

With that, I decided to resume most of McDonald's projects, starting with OxM 18, which has been lying in my HDD for half a year, and I was surprised at the number of mistakes I made in my old translation for this chapter. IIRC, I finished my translation a few days after I started doing it, which means about two years ago according to this. Surely my Japanese has improved in two years, but there was no excuse for getting the wrong idea of more than 10 lines, given that I didn't screw up on 16 and 17. Anyway, this long delay turned out to have a good side, giving me the time to consult my sensei and correct all mistranslated lines.

While QCing this chapter, I also found out that the author changed the character page since chapter 17, which means we used the wrong character page in our last OxM release. We will make sure to fix this issue in the volume release.

Another thing to note is that we originally planned to have all proofreaders check my TL, but for some reason one of them has been busy recently and hasn't received the RC file. Since it is already the Tet holiday, plus the current TL is already okay to read, we decided not to let you guys wait any further. If there is any change that should be made when Macurai is back, we will give you a v2 by then.

Finally, I have asked shadow2810, one of our original OxM editors, to edit the final chapter, and he said that he would be able to do it after Feb 20, so this is definitely good news. Enjoy the release and let's hope BakaGrappler will do 19 faster.