Sunday, February 15, 2009

Oto x Maho chapter 1

Summary (from onemanga)
"One day an ordinary junior high schooler Shirahime Kanata was ordered forcibly by his mother Konata to do a contract that made him able to transform into a "magic girl". Moreover, if he dare to cancel the contract his gender would change, or in other words he'll change into a girl. While he also have to fight enemies as a magic girl with the same reason, if he don't do the magic girl's duty he'll also changed into a girl.
Now that he obtained the power to tranform into a magic girl, together with his supervisor, a cat named Moel, he fight against enemies "Noise". Though he have to wear spats while transforming into magic girl to hide his true self as a boy..."

This is our new project, and it's a joint with Hyena-scans. We are in need of editors and proofers. Please visit our IRC channel and join us if you can help.

Chapter 1 (Megaupload)
Chapter 1 (Torrent)


Ovan said...

hình như blog này có mỗi tớ vào thăm thì phải :)

delacroix01 said...

Mới build lại nên chưa nhiều người biết đâu.

Yukira said...

Cái gì cũng cần phải có thời gian chứ :))