Thursday, May 12, 2011

Otoboku 2 Chapter 4 released [repost due to Blogspot's error]

A few days ago, an anon asked us about when the next chapter of Otoboku 2 would be released, and here's the answer. To tell you the truth, we finished this a few days ago, but I decided to save it for a little while, because today is my 24th birthday anniversary. Anyway, enjoy the release now while waiting for the next chapters. We will finish the first volume in this month so that we can move on to our next project. Also, we are really in need of typesetters, so if you can do the job, join us so that we can release faster.


Edit : Volume 2 (JP) will be on sale on June 25, and there will be no raw starting chapter 5, so there will be no scans for this series from that chapter. Instead, we'll provide camera shots with script translations.


malekith said...

um are you guys not doing volume 2 or are you gud=s gonna wait till the whole volume is out and then start again since your looking for a new project kinda wanted to make sure if your dropping or putting it on temporary hold (really love this series)

thanks for the chapters either way

delacroix01 said...

Well, there's still no sign of volume 2 on amazon, even the date of release or a cover of it. Moreover, there will be no raw starting chapter 5, at least in a year, so you may consider it a temporary hold. Meanwhile, I will only be able to provide translations with camera shots. However, once somebody is willing to scanlate the raw and share it, we will pick it up immediately. I'm also a huge fan of this series, so don't worry.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this chapter^_^

hope to read the next chapter soon^_^

Anonymous said...

hope it really does... I really wanted to read this series^_^

anyways thanks for this chapter^_^