Friday, January 29, 2010

Hayate no Gotoku chapter 164

Due to some problems with the staff members, this chapter took much more time than we expected. The 4th page may look a bit odd, but our editor did his best to edit and this is all we can offer. If you have a look at the raw, you will understand how difficult it is to edit that page.

As I mentioned, we are currently having some problems with the staff members. We lost a typesetter for this project because he had to focus on studying, and 2 out of 3 editors are currently inactive. Thus, we need 1 typesetter with some experience for HnG, and 2 members for other projects (1 editor and 1 typesetter). If you are qualified enough, please apply here or in our IRC channel. Remember that we need people with some experience. We don't recruit rookies that would take a lot of time to train before they can work, and then quit after 1 or 2 chapters. Here are the requirements :

1/ a. For editor : have some basic knowledge of cleaning images using Photoshop, and must be able to redraw the image after removing text.
b. For typesetter : know how to choose proper fonts and type text properly. You may look at our releases to make it easier when you work.
2/ Can organize time to work and be able to contact at least a few times a week. Using either IRC or email will do.
3/ Are willing to help us for more than one, two or just a few chapters.

Thanks for reading. Now enjoy the release.



Unknown said...

Thank you for the chapter! Can't wait for more!

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Your scanlations are awesome, you guys are real pro!

I want to upload your scanlations to MangaHelpers. I think you may have already been informed, but I wanted to contact you since the one who replied to me that you gave permission did not reply to any of my further messages.

Please contact me on [email protected]. There are things to be confirmed before I go ahead & upload your scanlations.


guru said...

Very nice lines, I love this style...

guru said...

Very nice lines, I love this style...
good blog, thanks..