Friday, February 19, 2010

Baldr Sky Dive 2 Complete Video Rips + Ys Origin Incomplete Rips

Well, I finally got the chance to use my brother's laptop, so I decided to rip some video from the DVDISOs I have. Regarding BS, if you have looked at my 2nd blog, you should have known about the source I have this time. Thanks to the new build of x264, I now am able to rip videos in better quality compared to the last time I released my raw rips. Now let's move to the details of the videos.

For BS, the quality of the 1st OP is similar to the old one, so you don't have to download my new rip if you had downloaded my old rip before. However, you SHOULD delete all old ending rips, because the quality of the new ones is clearly better, as I mentioned in my 2nd blog. There are still banding and small amount of noise in some places, but I decided not to clean the raw anymore or adding a lot of grain, since that might ruin the videos.

For YsO, I only had a limited amount of time, so I couldn't play the entire game again to check which audio stream I should mux into the videos (note that Falcom separated audio and video streams instead of putting them together). Therefore, the rest of my rips for YsO will come in summer. Now enjoy the releases. :)


Baldr Sky Dive 2 Complete OP/ED Rips
Ys Origin + Falcom Logo
Ys Origin Opening
Ys Origin Prologue

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