Monday, January 10, 2011

Recruiting spot

Manga scanlation
- Cleaners: able to clean magazine or tankoubon raws without doing much damage to details (Always in need)
- Redrawers: capable of redrawing without leaving odd marks on the pages; can finish a 30-page chapter within 2 weeks (Always in need)
- Typesetters: know how to choose fonts; able to type a 24-page chapter a week (Need 2)
- Proofreaders: native English speaker + grammar nazi (Currently not recruiting)

- Timer: capable of scene-timing (Need 1)
- English editor: similar to manga proofreaders (Currently not recruiting)

Other positions like typesetters, encoders and TLCers are also welcomed. There's no specific requirement. Just apply here if you know exactly how to do those jobs.

You can also leave your email here and I'll contact you later, or you can sit in our IRC channel. Offers for joint projects are also welcomed. Thanks for reading.

Edit: For those applying for manga typesetter and editor positions, please have Adobe Photoshop installed on your computers, or at least use the portable version (pirate or whatnot, we don't care). Other software just don't work as efficient as it does and have compatibility issues for teamwork in the scanlation scene.


D said...

Hi, I'd like to help. You can contact me at [email protected]
Some of my work can be seen at Mao Marimo (Maomarimo) at JKScans.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to do proofreading since I am English and I really enjoy manga and I hope I will find more series I can enjoy my email is [email protected]

CastielVII said...

well i would like to apply to be a typesetter, but im still learning in choosing font and stuff.. i do have the software to make it...

delacroix01 said...

Well, the most important thing is that you need to be very patient to be a typesetter since it's often a boring job that not many people can handle. If you are confident enough, you are welcome any time. You can come to our channel or contact me at [email protected]

Jonas said...

Hello, I really love reading and watching, but I dislike some of the spelling, I would LOVE to help with some of the proofreading (of any kind). My email is [email protected]