Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Otoboku 2 Chapter 2 - Commemorative release

To me, this release is special, since it marks 4 years since our debut release under the name SRWFC. I still remember the hard time when I and Ryu formed this group. Many things have happened, and we changed from a fansub group which translates anime from English into Vietnamese into a multi-purpose fan translation group with decent quality, a group of weirdos that is unlike any fansub or scanlation group out there in terms of policy. Well, of course we haven't released much compared to them, but we survived and still enjoy creating fan translations. During 4 years, there were about 30 people who participated in our projects, and most of them are now nowhere to be seen. Only a few remained, including me. In spite of that, we are not going to give up, at least in the next 5 years, as doing scanlation and fansubbing has become a hobby of us. To me, it feels more fun to watch and read a few while doing this than just sit and watch a lot of anime, read a lot of manga and novels, or play many games like many friends of mine do.

Now to the main dish, well, it really took us a lot of effort to get this chapter out because it's a pain in the ass to use Chinese scans as raw. The magazine version has a lot of text that doesn't exist in the tankoubon, and there's no way we can afford to leave a trace of Chinese text on our release, so our editor has to take a lot of time to redraw parts that sometimes look nearly impossible to do. Moreover, the Chinese group seems to have stalled after releasing 5 chapters, while the first volume has 6. Hence, after this, we will only provide English scanlation for chapter 3, 4 and Special. From chapter 5 onward, I will post my translations and camera shots of my books on my blog until we can get more raw. I'll let you know whenever I post them.

One more thing, as I stated in the first page of the release, we ARE really in need of editors and typesetters. At the very least, we must have 1 editor for OxM, since that position is empty right now. If you are confident enough to work on this series, please leave your email address here and I'll contact you later. For now enjoy reading chapter 2 of Otoboku 2.

P/S : Chihaya's deceased elder sister's name is Chitose, if you need to know. Also, OxM 16 is being QCed. We'll try to release it within 2 weeks if nothing bad happens.



Anonymous said...

I'm moderately proficient with GIMP and have no scanlation experience, but I did actually read the notice, I've got a decent amount of free time, and I wouldn't mind learning should nobody better contact you.

[email protected]

Invalid name said...

Thank you!
This is AWESOME!