Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ichiro Heian chapter 2

This one should have been completed several days ago, but we slacked off since our domain was expired and I needed to wait until the domain owner paid the bill for the next year (he did it yesterday). Anyway, it's complete now, so here's chapter 2 of Ichihei.

That aside, I would have been in trouble with the word puutarou if I hadn't read the book "Dirty Japanese" written by Matt Fargo. That was quite an awesome book among those I have read so far. Kudos to the writer.



Anonymous said...

I missed the manga of this author,thank you

Andreas said...

lets see......... 85-75-89

thank you for the release!

Geese1 said...

Many thanks for the new chapter!

tails_ said...

Just to check out did you found RAWs for 3rd chapter?

delacroix01 said...

Of course we did. Don't be impatient. It's only been 2 weeks since chapter 2.