Thursday, August 25, 2011

Suzushiro Nagisa no Shuchou 3 - fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase

I found a short fan-made video on youtube, and apparently it was from nicovideo. Since it was quite easy, we decided to sub it as a way to relax once in a while. If you have played fortissimo EXA before, I think you should like it.


Editor : Mignonette
Everything else : me



NJManga said...

This is NJMANGA contacting whoever is working on Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru - Futari No Elder, I am raw provider for wowscans contact me if you want to continue doing Otome Wa Boku Ni Koishiteru - Futari No Elder, I have raw scans going to the end of volume 2 sitting on my hard drive if you want to continue doing the project, I scanned both volumes if you want to work on series still

delacroix01 said...

That's what we've been intended to do. Did Yamada tell you anything about that? Also, we can help with Otoboku 1 if you want.

NJManga said...

Yammada never gave me the details of the arrangement, he told me you guys were planning to joint on it in some form or another at least in terms of series 2, so he asked me to acquire the raws so your group can use them and they have been sitting on my hard drive and mediafire account for the last two months, i scanned both volumes, and the raws are just collecting dust, do you have an email address I can mail you at, because I don't like making my email public. He was very limited on the details of the arrangement as I know now I have volume 1 and volume 2 of series 2 completely scanned on my drive waiting to be used and now with the announcement and emails i received from various individuals, I have been busy placing series raws with proper groups who either jointed for projects with wow or locating groups to take over other projects its been a busy 2 days. With series 1 Yammada has all the raws and was planning on finishing it, I dont know if he will or not, SERIES 2 I have all raws and they are ready for use. Email me or can you give me an email address and I can try to help with the raw situation to get the series moving forward, i really rather talk in email in private and would love to see the raws being used in some form

delacroix01 said...

Alright then, my email address is [email protected]

Since we're likely to catch up with Ichiro Heian in 1 month, I think we can resume Otoboku 2 in late September or October.