Sunday, May 24, 2009

Important : Permanent stall of every fansub projects

Well, sad to say, but we have no choice but to delay every fansub projects. This is because my laptop computer, which contains ALL of my data, was stolen today, while I was going out. Right now I'm using a crappy Pentium III, so I'll be unable to do anything related to fansub until I can buy a new computer. All I can do now is translating manga, which only requires an image viewer and a dictionary that is capable of running on slow systems. I have a small back-up pack on Yukira's computer, although it doesn't have enough files. Hence, from now on, 4L and SRWFC will be stated as dead until I buy a new computer. Farewell.

To ManiacDC : If you read this, please forgive me for not keeping my promise. I thought I was going to give you the sub of Porfy 02 tonight, because I was almost done with it, but I couldn't finish it and give it to you. I hope you can wait until I get my new computer. Until that, please keep the sub files that I gave you, including the karaoke.

To 50119 :
The files I gave you are already well edited. You can send me the encoded files if you want me to test them. I can use Yukira's PC to do that.

To vuluc88 : Please keep the files I gave you, because they'll surely be useful when I'm back.

To Ryu : Well, among the group members, you are the one who understands me more than anyone, so I don't have much to say. Just keep in mind that I'll make sure to revive the group, just like I did it many times.

To Zeddy : If you want me to continue the novel, you can use AGTH and send me the text files after you hooked the text.

To all manga editors : Please keep the files I sent you. The manga projects will still be continued, since I didn't lose too many of my manga translations, and I can still work with a PIII. Just make sure to save the files as JPEG before sending me. The computer I'm using cannot use Photoshop anyway.

To other members : Just keep doing the work like I assigned you to. I'll make sure to come back and finish the last part. I promise.


Maniac said...

No fun! Good luck, hope you can get a new pc soon.

OnlyLove said...

Ôi, tệ thật. Chúc bác sớm mua được máy mới :D