Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baldr Sky Dive 1 : Lost Memory OP/EDs

To tell the truth, the quality of the raw wasn't as good as I expected. The ones who made the DVD overcompressed the MPEG-1 files in order to fit them on a DVD5, resulting in mosquito noises all over the places. I took quite a while to get rid of about half of them. However, I didn't clean all of them, because I might have blurred too much of the video if I did that. Nevertheless, I think these releases look less annoying than the original ones. Here are the torrents :

Chinatsu Ending
Nanoha Ending
Rain Ending
Dive 2 Preview

Edit : Luckily, the quality of the OP and the preview of Dive 2 is much better than the EDs'. Enjoy and support GIGA if you can.


Unknown said...

Out of curiosity, does Aki Nishino have an ending?

delacroix01 said...

Aki, Makoto and Sora routes will be available in Dive 2. Don't worry.

Unknown said...

Excuse me, but may anyone seed this torrents? More than month is no progress.