Friday, April 10, 2009

Small guide about us

Here is some information about us and our release that you may need to know :

1/ We are one among the slowest groups. We often stall our projects for very long. We may be even slower than Ayu. However, we never drop our projects. Therefore, if you intend to watch our releases, you will have to wait. IF you cannot wait, get other groups' releases. There's no use yelling at us for being slow.
2/ We do not claim to be perfect. In fact, nobody is. However, we always check other groups' releases in order to improve our releases as much as possible. We rarely use ISOs because our Internet isn't capable of getting that stuff. Instead, we use DVD rips or BD rips with reasonable quality from raw rippers. We take a lot of time for the subs before it's more important. We have enough of translation checkers to make sure of the translation, and that's what make our releases better than DVD ripping groups without TLCers. We also do the typesetting and timing carefully, so you don't have to worry about this.
3/ We do not sub an anime if it is already well-subbed. Whenever we decide to do a project, that means other groups' releases have problems, especially about the translation accuracy.
4/ If you say that any of our Vietnamese releases has worse translation than an English-Vietnamese cross translation, you obviously don't know any Japanese to begin with. English-Vietnamse cross translating is even worse than Chinese-Vietnamese cross translating. The maximum accuracy you can get when translating from English is only 60% of a direct Japanese-Vietnamse translation, no matter how good your English is. That's why we always translate from Japanese.
5/ We do not sub new shows. We don't want to be disappointed and then drop the show after finding out that it's a shitty show, like what [MF] did. Moreover, we want to wait for the OP/ED singles, as well as DVD or Blu-ray with better animation. We only use TV rips if the show happens to have very good animation and video quality.
6/ You will never get a fast download speed from our distros. If you care about download speed so badly, you will probably never get our releases. In fact, distributing is our biggest weak point. Yukira, our main distro, has slow Internet, and he also needs to download things for himself. Don't worry if you see the first seed is offline. He'll eventually come back to seed until the torrent has enough seeds.
7/ For manga projects, we often don't really care about quality like with fansubs, so we will push our releases as fast as possible.
8/ Our IRC channel is for discussing between staff members. You may ask our members about anything related to our releases if you want, but don't ask for IRC bots. We don't provide any distro bot on our channel. One more thing, if you insult Nagi when you are in our channel, we will kick you out or ban you, no matter who you are. So please remember.
9/ Most shows we picked are already licensed. If you care so much about license shit, you are not welcomed here. Do not come here just to tell us that we are violating the law. Most of us are in Vietnam and those shows aren't licensed here, and many companies that licensed anime and manga are just doing shit. As long as their goods aren't good, we will continue violating the law.
10/ Shitty comments that piss us off will get deleted.

That's all. Thanks for reading.


sr7olsniper said...

Haha, definetely a good guide!!! Honestly, if ppl cant wait for something they are getting for free then they should just step aside. It is really pointless getting angry at someone that uses his free time to do a service to the anime/manga fan community.

KKK said...

something is missing in this guide ... yea something definitely ....

the most important one about 4L

4L : Laid-back , Lazy , Lutz ,Lack(time)

lol sometime loop too :-"

delacroix01 said...

Haha, I forgot that. It's really rare to see you here, Ryu.