Saturday, April 25, 2009

Stall most fansub projects for a while

From now on, all of our fansub projects will be stalled for at least a month. The main reason for this is because each of us is having his/her own problems.
- Yukira, our main distro, has been playing Pangya for a week, and he cannot seed the torrents while playing. Moreover, my Internet is very bad. I can only seed small manga releases. Thus, we will not release any fansubs until Yukira gets bored with the game.
- Zeddy, one of our manga editors, has been playing Tears to Tiara for a while. There's only shadow to clean the raw manga right now.
- vl, the translator of Index (Vietnamese only), has been fapping with some MAD videos on youtube.
- lyse has turned to DESPAIR mode for a month, and he will not be able to translate SRW into Vietnamese until he solves his problem.
- Rebie needs some lessons about how to translate properly. I think I'll need to ask Ryu to lecture him.
- Most of the staff members are fapping with a bunch of new anime lately.
- And me, the group leader, has been playing Baldr Sky for 2 weeks. And I have also a bunch of class assignments to do. Right now I can only save a little of time to translate manga. I rarely play games because there are not many games that can make me play a lot, but when I play a game, it'll take a lot of time. If you want to blame something or someone, then blame Baldr Sky for being damn great and GIGA for creating such an addictive game. See ya!


sr7olsniper said...

Does this count Hayate no Gotoku? Just wondering.

delacroix01 said...

No, just the fansub projects. The manga projects will still being released. :)

sr7olsniper said...

w00t thats really good news!!!