Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hayate no Gotoku chapter 218

Sorry for the late. We got some problems with editing as well as proofing lately. We are still searching for proofers, cleaner and typesetter, because Zeddy and WKK will not be able to work on this manga for a few months. Currently, we have only 1 typesetter and 1 cleaner, while we need at least 3 to do it fast enough. If you wanna help, please visit our IRC channel on 8 to 10PM (GMT+7). Thanks for reading.

Note that WKK was the editor of this chapter, so she updated on mangaupdates as Enigma!, but actually we were doing this together.

About 196, volume 19 tankoubon hasn't been scanned yet, so we're still waiting for it.




sr7olsniper said...

I know this might sound a bit rude but, How come you guys jumped from 196 to 218? I am just wondering, i know you said that chapter 196 wanst scalanated yet and such but still. No offense intended in this comment, i am just curious.

delacroix01 said...

The first reason is because we don't want to waste our effort to do an old chapter 2 times since the tankoubon raw will be scanned soon. The next reason is because we want Athena chapters first. That's all.

Unknown said...

thank you for your work on hayate. I was really surprised that you guys are vnese group. I'm a vietnamese too, currently in UK though :D